For starters, I’m Arvind. I hail from a place that’s famous for its degree kapi’s (coffee) and Thalaivar (yeah, Chuck Norris loves him) – Namma Chennai where Chinamma (a moment of silence for late. Jaya amma) rules now. Living for past two decades, this bustling cosmopolitan has shaped me to who i’m right now. From schooling to university – I’ve never really left Chennai except for my travel endeavours which was a dream but now a reality. Left for my Masters as soon I got my Bachelors degree in Engineering (typical) to Melbourne, Australia ! WHAT, really bruh ?!.. I know right, that felt ecstatic

I almost screamed my a$$ out when I got the acceptance email from University of Melbourne (woot woot) Let me boast a bit as I didn’t get the privilege to celebrate it over champagne, No.1 University in Australia and 33rd in the world, it all felt like a dream. Being partly ecstatic in achieving the “Masters Abroad ” dream by following the never-changing paradigm, I was indeed trembling down inside as though I felt I got accepted out of luck and would never survive a bit. But all things ended well, graduated fall of 2016 – Honors !

But frankly, things did change when I moved to Melbourne as it was a firsts for many things. First time living independently, first time away from home and my first country abroad (No, that was Hong Kong actually). Living in Melbourne changed my perspective in life. Right from meeting new people, exploring cultures and cuisines – I just developed a huge liking to this place. Ever since I stepped out of my homeland, I been travelling all around by myself (such an exhilarating experience). Started this blog to record my experiences and cherish them forever. Follow my blogs to learn more, Haha.. don’t worry there’s more.

P.S – FYI, I wanted to move to Canada, but Australia came by as a surprise