Is Diversity a gold card to Australia’s Success ?

Not long ago, a fella like me, a foreign-born student attending a top University here in Melbourne asked me if I thought that the reason that Australia was so successful was due to the “diversity” bringing all different cultures to one place. This question really intrigued me and I wanted to find out why ? So, I explained my thoughts on this, and perhaps it might help illuminate this for you too? Let’s talk shall we.

You see, Australia has so many advantages over other nations, mostly due to the abundance which comes with great wealth, enormous natural resources, freedom and liberty. Having a strong economy and stronger alliances with other nations means we can keep the country safe and productive.

Australia is more diversified and offers more of a one stop shop. A single mine in Australia, Roy Hill, will dig up more Iron ore than the whole of North America. It supplies most of the ship borne iron ore. It has the largest coal port on the planet. It has the largest offshore gas projects on the planet. It has 30% of the worlds uranium. It has huge reserves of bauxite, copper, gold, silver etc.

This gives Australia a kind of power. While these resources are low value, they get turned into high value goods by things like the EU, US, Japan and China. So while there are bigger economies, few are going to hold interest to countries like Japan and China like Australia. It supplies the coal, the gas and the raw materials that their economies are dependent on. Countries are going to be keen to secure contract, regular supply and have a positive relationship with Australia that is disproportionate to its population or economic size

When you have abundance, you have more time and a higher standard of life and not to forgot Melbourne being awarded as the “World’s Most Livable City” sixth time in a row.

You Have Much Free time + Resources and Cognitive Surplus + Greater good

And, all those people with all that time can surely do lots of thinking and get to new heights in any field and if you have enough people (23 million+) then you have lots of people in every field, and the synergy is compounded kind of like Ray Kurzweil’s theory on how the “Singularity” will occur for humankind.

The number of advantages in Australia over other nations are vast, diversity is one of them, and yes, it’s a big one as stated, but it probably isn’t the biggest or the most powerful, of course it sure helps – merely because borrowing ideas and cross-pollinating from various cultures and ways of accomplishing things or solving problems is a huge force multiplier to borrow a term from military strategy.

In a perfect world there wouldn’t be any walls between nations, nor would there be a need for nuclear weapons or militaries – alas, we do not live in such a perfect world – yet? Maybe one day, maybe in our lifetime if we live long enough – and we might, old age is not necessary nor is dying of it. We should work to fix this problem, thus not lose the wisdom and lessons only to be learned over-and-over-again, the hard way. Not good, but it is good that we can now save old languages digitally and all of mankind’s information as we go, albeit in ones’ and zero’s right?

Remember it was Australia that brought us the electronic pacemakers, the Wifi and much more. Nice.

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