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Australia is one of the most sought after destinations for higher education. The reasons are varied, but a significant one is the fact that this country has over 1100 institutions offering 22000 courses to students with world class facilities and obviously – facilities. Today, students from almost every corner of the globe come for higher studies in Australia.

Like anywhere else, all students are awarded certificates on successful completion of their courses. But, a certificate isn’t enough to get a job and enter into Australian skilled workforce. This is because a fresh graduate possesses only theoretical knowledge with no practical skills. To supply skilled labor force continuously to market, the AU government started a special professional year in Australia for fresh graduates, diploma holders and even post-graduates from foreign origins.

What is a Professional Year Program?

A professional year program is a special scheme for foreign students to develop professional skills with formal learning and work experience in Australia. In short, it is an internship program that helps to develop industry specific skills to be market-ready. This is because degree brings qualification but practical work experience helps to be a skilled workforce. Further, every company looks for qualified professionals with relevant experience.

Professional year program is run for foreign students having a legitimate degree from one of recognized Universities of Australia. It runs for 12 months and presently available for accounting, computer science and engineering students. Hence, this course prepares students for a successful career in the country.

Benefits of the Professional Year Program

The professional year program is an initiative of Department of Immigration and Border Protection government of Australia. Demands for skilled workforce in computer, IT and engineering in Australia is high. To maintain dwindling skilled workforce, professional year program has been initiated by the government.

Completing the 44 weeks (minimum) duration training is useful for foreign students to be more employable in the market. In short, joining a professional year program helps fresh graduates to be market job ready. The employment rate of graduates who undergone PY program is higher than others. It is useful in understanding work culture and practices in Australia workplace. Program is useful to be presentable and learn to communicate within the workplace.

Further, the program is useful to get earn 5 extra points for permanent residency in Australia from Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This point is given on successful completion of DIBP point test while applying for skilled independent (subclass 189) visa. It means students become eligible to apply for other migration points on successful completion of professional year program to get permanent residency besides a job in Australia.

Who are Eligible for Professional Year Program?

To be eligible for professional year program, a student needs a completed degree in accounting, computer science and engineering from Australia. A skilled graduate (temporary) visa (subclass 485) which allows students to stay in Australia for 18 months after completion of degree. To apply for this visa, students need to be under 50 years of age and 2 years of study in Australia for relevant skills and qualification as listed in Skilled Occupation List. In short, a valid visa and degree certificate is must for being eligible for this program.

Fulfilling dream of studying and getting job in Australia isn’t easy. Several difficulties arise from PTE Academic test, visa application, immigration, admission in universities and so on.

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